Flexible Hook & Loop – Adjustable Window Screens




The Perfect Solution To Screen Your Windows

Hook & Loop edged flexible screens

Decide on the color trim (black or white) & then order the size that is larger than the window you want to screen.

Then you can easily custom cut the screen to fit (no tradesman tools required) – check out how it is done here

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Original price was: $66.Current price is: $39.
Original price was: $88.Current price is: $49.
Original price was: $109.Current price is: $59.
Original price was: $66.Current price is: $39.
Original price was: $88.Current price is: $49.
Original price was: $109.Current price is: $59.


adjustable window insect screen buy online
adjustable window insect screens buy online

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The material is sturdy, the screen holds strong, and the sticker portion to hold it to the wall is very sticky.
Melissa Rice - Clermont, Florida

What an awesome thing to have in SouthEast Texas right now! I ordered my magnetic mosquito screen right in the nick of time! We have these bird sized mosquitoes now! This thing is a life saver! It’s keeping a ton of them out of my house… usually we would have to have a fly swatted at the ready.
Alex Stewart - Texas

I love this product, easy to use and install. Comes with heavy duty double sided hook and loop. It seals back up with ease
Michael Hanson - Manchester, UK

The window screen is well matched and packed well, so you don’t worry about bugs coming in.awesome
Hope Mason - Chicago, Illinois

I installed this screen over a 1950’s – issue window whose old metal screen buckled and it was so large it would have been expensive to replace. This screen easily adapted to the size I needed, easily installed and works just great! It was so nice to be able to open the window over my sink, where this screen was installed, for cross-ventilation this summer. I had zero bugs come into the house – it works just fine. If you have an old house with difficult window sizes, this is a viable option.
Andrew Blood - Auckland, NZ

Exactly what I wanted. Prompt shipping. Thanks
Lucas Wolf - NYC, NY

The kit comes with absolutely EVERYTHING you could need for the install minus scissors. All the materials are high quality and neatly packed as well. The instructions are clear and to the point, and installation can easily be accomplished by one person, a flat surface (for cutting and adhesive application) and a steady hand.
Damian Stone - Glendale, CA